Dear Rock Hills Church, (Updated 7-21-2020)

On May 8th Federal Judges granted permission for churches to have in-person gatherings. Our Board of Overseers have agreed to begin meeting again on Sunday, May 17th. With this permission comes the responsibility to meet in a safe and wise way as to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and we will follow the guidelines set by Governor Beshear’s Administration. Below you will find what you can expect and our precautionary measures to help keep our church family and community safe.


1. Sunday services - We will begin having Sunday Services again until further notice on May 17th, 2020.

2. Kids Program - Beginning July 5th we offer a Kids Program for children 1 1/2 to Pre-K. We follow all the health and wellness guidelines that have been issued. See below under "Personal Wellness at our Service" for more details.

3. Other changes - We are planning to simplify everything we can to avoid person to person contact and yet still provide a great experience. We will not be handing out programs, or have pens or giving envelopes under the seats. During some weeks you can expect to have a more stripped-down version of worship. We will not be passing offering baskets. Instead, we will have a table in the back of the room for anyone who would like to give.

Personal Wellness At Our Service

1. Most vulnerable - In line with the State’s recommendation we encourage all individuals who are at higher risk for severe illness to stay home and watch our Sunday Service online. We will be offering a Facebook live stream of our Sunday Services for those who would still like to be a part of our service from home. That can be found at​

2. Face coverings - Everyone will need to have face coverings. We encourage you to bring one from home. If you do not have one, Rock Hills will provide one for you.

3. Social distancing - All in attendance at our Sunday service will be asked to uphold social distancing guidelines with others outside of their household. As much as we will want to shake hands, give hugs etc... we ask that this behavior be refrained from.

4. Seating - We will adhere to social distancing with our seating arrangements. Those that live in the same household will be able to sit together. If not in the same household then those in attendance will need to sit 3 chairs apart from one another.

5. Taking temperatures in Kids Program for volunteers and children - As an extra level of personal wellness and to follow KY guidelines we take the temperature of every volunteer and child in our kids program.

6. If you are sick – Experiencing fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or other flu-like symptoms, please stay home and refrain from gathering with the church until recovered. We encourage you to reach out to your small group, so that they may pray for you. In addition, if anyone in your household is sick or has been sick, please stay home from church gatherings

Facility Cleanliness and Serving

1. Cleaning and Sanitizing - Prior to every service the entire building is cleaned and sanitized.

2. Hand sanitizer- Will be available at multiple locations throughout the room. Soap and water hand-washing will also be available in each of the restrooms.

3. Restrooms - Restrooms can only be used by one person at a time. In order to keep the area as clean as possible, we are asking each person to do a self-clean with Lysol wipes we will provide. We will also have volunteers clean commonly touched surfaces during the service.

4. Walking through the building - Most interior doors will be propped open so that access to our meeting space can be reached without needing to touch a door.

5. We are excited to be able to meet again and worship Jesus together. We are doing our best to move forward in this way with faith and wisdom.

Hope to see you soon.

Steve and the Rock Hills Church staff